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Bringing family favorites home!

At Nikki's Custard, there is something delicious for everyone! We offer frozen custard with regularly changing flavors and toppings, milkshakes, "rock solids", non-dairy soft serve, and sorbet soft serve.

Come in to find your favorite!



At Nikki's, frozen custard is more than just a delicious treat! Having grown up in the Midwest in the 70s, ice cream shops made up my childhood. I remember racing on bikes in the summer with family and friends to get a frozen and tasty reprieve from the summer heat. After a couple moves and a few kids later, my sweet tooth became enthralled while living in the "frozen custard capital of the world" (Milwaukee, WI).


Frozen custard quickly became a beloved family tradition, supplying a new generation of sweet memories.


Eventually, my family moved to central Pennsylvania and we quickly fell in love with the region, people, and culture. The only thing missing was the joy and nostalgia of frozen custard. I decided to open up Nikki's Custard with my family so we could put our own modern, creative, and inclusive spin on "Mom & Pop" frozen custard! We were ready to bring our Midwest favorite treats home.

Thank you for your support and see you soon!

– Nicole                           

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